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The 5th East Asian Inclusive City Network

Posted at : 2015-11-12

On the Practice and Vision of Inclusive Cities:


Schedule and proceedings in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and partly English can be downloaded as PDF file.

The 5th East Asian Inclusive City Network

Co-hosted by

Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University and the National Taiwan University Graduate Institute of Building and Planning

In collaboration with main organizers “the Organization of Urban Re-s (OURs)”, “Promotion Alliance of Social Housing”, “the Homeless Taiwan Organization”

Sponsored by Taipei City Council

On Sep. 23 (Wed.) – 25 (Fri.), 2015

At Bopilao Theater Hall


The East Asia Inclusive Network marked its 5th anniversary. This year’s workshop was held in Taipei (for the second time), where we focused on topics such as socially disadvantaged communities and housing/welfare/employment issues of vulnerable populations. To grapple with these issues, we promote active exchange between scholars and professionals/volunteers.


Bopilao Theater Hall


Each Sub-center (Hong Kong SAR, Osaka and South Korea) introduced 3 to 6 people to join this workshop (for the host city Taipei, the number of participants is flexible).


This workshop was conducted in Japanese, Korean and Chinese via consecutive interpretation.

Program: 5th_ICN_Proceedings.pdf

23 Sept. 2015 Fieldwork

Excursions to areas slated for redevelopment and inner-city socially disadvantaged areas

24 Sept. 2015 Workshop (1)

Session 1: Housing conditions of and assistance practices for the socially vulnerable

Session 2: Urban redevelopment and housing issues

25 Sept. 2015 Workshop (2)

Session 3: Assistance and social project development

Session 4: low-rental housing market initiatives