Cultural Creativity
The 14th URP Yogyakarta Academic Forum 2016

Posted at : 2016-03-01

“A New Community Management Through Arts and Cultures”

Sasana Ajiyasa, Faculty of Visual Arts

Indonesia Institute of The Arts Yogyakarta

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Programme: 20160223.pdf


Arts and culture strategies can be used to understand community context and celebrate community character in urban area. In this sense, community based on traditional art and culture can be seen as a narrative of a place in a time given. Nevertheless, this kind of community still facing the same problems from time to time. The biggest problem arise is management (organization, financial, regeneration).

The 14th Urban Research Plaza Forum 2016 will discuss “A New Community Through Art and Culture”. It will emphasize on how traditional art and culture community in urban area preserve and survive among other community. In this case, the focus will be on management community in Japan and Indonesia.

By delivering this theme, the attention will be drawn into the effectiveness of community management in revitalizing or re-actualizing the traditional art. It is important to learn how this kind of community has been working in a wider society and gain a mutual understanding with people outside the community in order to create a community based on traditional art and culture. It also can be used to develop networking and to expand a community’s role from audience to active participants. Art and cultural integration is absolutely needed when used as a tool to provide wide access for community in solving increasingly complex social issues, particularly in urban community.