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Towards an Inclusive City for All: The 8th Workshop Towards the Establishment of the “East-Asian Inclusive Cities Network” (EA-ICN)

Posted at : 2018-06-13

Due to the restlessly unfolding global competition solutions to urban problems are required more than ever before. Concepts like “sponge cities (vulnerable cities)” or “shrinking cities” point to the associated issues of declining birth rates and aging populations, the dilapidating of urban infrastructure, or the increase of underutilized and vacant houses. All problems around this vulnerablizing of cities concern not only the physical infrastructure but unfold also into social spheres of human life. This is apparent in issues of single parents, children and youth poverty, or issues around settling down in a foreign country faced by the continuously increasing immigrants and their descendants. Responses to these new urban problems, like housing that enables a more human-like living, or the construction of vital and enjoyable public spaces, are in recent years increasingly recognized as important tasks. Further, the endless forward pushing competition between cities calls all the more for mediating research and urban praxis. How to realize social inclusion for all people, how to secure a chance to live for everyone, or under which conditions places emerge that enable the protection of human rights and an inclusive participation in society, are pressing questions at hand. With these tasks in mind the effort to establish the “East-Asian Inclusive Cities Network”, that had embarked to connect people involved in city administrating, practitioners and researchers, will be repeated this year for the 8th time. Until today many cities were involved in this project, including Osaka city, Sakai city, Yao city and Minoh city from Japan, Seoul city, Seongdong district and Siheung city from Korea, Taipei city and New Taipei city from Taiwan and Hong Kong SAR. Through the establishment of the platform “East-Asian Inclusive Cities Network” the workshop aims to develop this network further and increase the knowledge exchange between cities.

Posters: Japanese | English

Date: 11-13th July 2018 (Wednesday – Friday)

Venue: Hong Kong Baptist University Lam Wu International Conference Centre, and other places in Hong Kong

Program Outline

Workshop 1: Onsite Workshop (11th July)
Workshop 2: Understanding the Reality of Urban Problems and Sharing Practical Experiences for an Inclusive City
(12-13th July)
Special Session 1: Support for People with Housing Difficulties and the Challenge of Cohousing
Special Session 2: The Reality of Inter-City Migration and Related Policy Issues
Special Session 3: Cities Network Conference – Establishing the “East-Asian Inclusive Cities Network” through the Formation of Local Organizations
* Fees for lunch and social events will be collected at the workshop reception. Costs will be between 800-1000 HKD.

Contact and Submission

Osaka City University Urban Research Plaza, Platform for Leading-Edge Urban Studies
Sugimoto 3-3-138, Sumiyoshi, Osaka, 558-8585, Japan.
Email: joint_office(at)
TEL&FAX: +81-6-6605-3444

Organizer: Osaka City University Urban Research Plaza (Overseas Centers & Offices)
Co-organizers: Hong Kong Baptist University Department of Geography & Department of Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong Center for Environmental Policy and Resource Management, OURs, Tsuei Ma Ma Foundation for Housing and Community Services
Cooperators: St. James’ Settlement, Society for Community Organization, Caritas
Supporters: Osaka City, Sakai City, Yao City, Minoh City, Seoul Institute, KOCER, SH Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation, Seongdong District, Siheung City, Taipei City, Toyota Foundation

* This workshop is conducted with support from the Toyota Foundation 2017 International Grant Program “Establishing a Platform for the East-Asian Inclusive City Network: From divided to inclusive cities” headed by Jeon Hong-gyu.