Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University Activity Summarization Symposium

Posted at : 2022-01-20

    Urban Research Plaza will be combined with Center of Education and Research for Disaster Management and integrated into “Urban Resilience Research Center”, due to merger of Osaka City University with Osaka Prefectural University at the beginning of the next fiscal year, April 2022. In this connection, we would like to hold a symposium with the aim of concluding the whole activity of the organization under the name of “URP” and clarifying what would be the legacies to pass on to the succeeding organization.
    Among those, what should be listed with priority are the launch of an academic journal, City, Culture and Society, the formation of “East Asia Inclusive City Network”, and the advocacy of Inclusive Creative City Theory ahead of the times. We must at first express our gratitude to many colleagues for their tremendous contributions to those legacies, and also demonstrate how we are going to materialize the model of resilient cities applicable in the 21st century, which URP has been pursuing from the first.
    The guest speakers will be the most important contributors to the abovementioned legacies and the colleagues who have been producing remarkable research results in relation to social inclusion or development in East Asian cities. In addition, the former dean of URP and two professors who will retire at the end of this fiscal year will also give memorial lectures. In conclusion, the present URP members will try to share a vision for the new organization.

Date: Feb. 12, 2022 (Sat.) 10:00~17:30 (JST) over ZOOM
Simultaneous interpretation into Japanese and English available
* To apply for the symposium, please scan the QR code on the right or visit this link.