URP GCOE Document 14

Challenge to the art market:
Possibility of the artistic expression of the disabled people. March 2015 (PDF,11.0MB)

URP GCOE Document 13

Senba Art Cafe #2; April 2008 – March 2012
Research on the Urban Regeneration by Art. March 2012 (PDF,59.1MB)

URP GCOE Document 12

Social Inclusion on Stage:
The 3rd Symposium and Performance of ‘Art & Access.’ March 2012

URP GCOE Document 11

Creating Cities;Culture,
Space and Sustainability:
The 1st City, Culture and Society (CCS) Conference
2012年2月 (PDF,2.1MB)

URP GCOE Document 10

Chinese Cities and the Outside World:
A Workshop for City, Culture and Society May 2011 (PDF,1.2MB)

URP GCOE Document 9

The 1st International Roundtable Meeting: Towards the Century of Cities
International Symposium: Urban Regeneration through Cultural Creativity and Social Inclusion. June 2011 (PDF,26.6MB)

URP GCOE Document 8

Binding Local Voices, The 3rd Forum of Asian Arts Management. March 2011 (PDF,7.3MB)

URP GCOE Document 7

Managing Sustainability and Creativity: Urban Management in Europe and Japan.
November 2009 (PDF,7.3MB)

URP GCOE Document 6

a href=”../../../wp1/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/doc_vol6.pdf”>Arts Projects for Connecting Memory and Locality / Place
“COCORO-NO-TANE” Kamagasaki 2008.
March 2009 (PDF,28.7MB)

URP GCOE Document 5

Art Management as Social Interface,
The 2nd Forum of Asian Art Managemnt.
March 2009 (PDF,0.7MB)

URP GCOE Document 4

Urban Regeneration and Creativity.
March 2009 (ja / PDF,1.2MB)

Urban Regeneration and Creativity.
March 2009 (en / PDF,1.1MB)

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URP GCOE Document 2

URP GCOE Document 2. 2008. (PDF,134MB)
Senba Art Cafe 2006 – 2008: Studying Urban Policy and the Function of Art Culture Communication.

URP GCOE Document 1

URP GCOE Document 1 2008. (PDF,45.8MB)
Art Management for Creative City 63p.
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URP Document 02

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URP Document 01

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The International Symposium of the Commemorative Opening of Urban Research Plaza. p.75.

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Panels of Experts for the Commemorative Opening of Urban Research Plaza. 134p

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